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The most anticipated automotive innovations in 2019

2018 turned out to be rich in various automotive events. The world saw a large number of new and updated cars. 2019 promises to be no less interesting. About the most anticipated automotive innovations in the new year – further in the selection.

1. Volkswagen Golf
Golf has been produced since 1974. During this time, seven generations of the car managed to change, and all these years it has been extremely successful and in demand. The current Golf in the seventh generation was presented at the Paris Motor Show back in 2012. And now, after 6 years, Volkswagen announced the release of the eighth generation of the car. It is expected that the new Golf will get a more dynamic and vibrant design, redrawn the interior with a huge multimedia complex, and the analog instrument panel will replace the big screen. The car will be built on an upgraded MQB platform.

It is expected that the starting engine should be a three-cylinder 1.4-liter unit with 95 and 116 hp. Also in the line of engines should enter the gasoline engines for 1.5 and 2.0 liters, two-liter diesel, as well as a hybrid power plant and the engine running on natural gas.

2. BMW 1
Today, the “penny” from BMW is the only B-class hatchback with rear wheel drive. Such an arrangement is able to give more driving pleasure, however, it also makes the “first series” the closest car in the class. Novate.ru has previously written about the best B-class hatchbacks. In fact, the BMW 1 is more of a car for fans of the brand than for a wide range of customers.

In the new generation of the car, BMW decided to fix it. Therefore, in 2019, we expect the appearance of the first front-wheel drive “1st series”. The car will be built on the UKL platform and will be equipped with three-cylinder engines as well.

3. Audi A3
The presentation of the new fourth-generation Audi A3 is scheduled for the end of 2019. The car will be built on an upgraded modular platform MQB. Naturally, the car will receive an updated exterior and interior design. However, one should not expect any revolution in the appearance of the model. It is expected that the range of engines will consist of gasoline engines for 1.5 and 2.0 liters capacity from 150 to 230 hp About the line of diesel engines while nothing is known. Gearboxes are six-speed mechanics and a DSG robot.

4. Land Rover Defender
In 2016, after 68 years on the assembly line, Land Rover removed the legendary model Defender from production and announced the development of a new generation. And so, the debut of the new model is assigned to 2019. The developers say that the new Defender will be deprived of the frame and continuous bridges – non-replaceable attributes of the old Defender. The engine range will consist of two-liter gasoline engines and diesel engines. In the future, it is possible the appearance under the hood of the car and six-cylinder units, as well as a hybrid power plant.

5. BMW 8-series
Another highly anticipated new 2019 is a sports coupe from BMW. The new 8th series is being developed based on the CLAR platform. The car is expected to install a powerful 6-and 8-cylinder engines, as well as economical hybrid modification. Pre-series images demonstrate bright, original design of the novelty. It is expected that the first to enter the market 2-door coupe. Further, the output of a 4-door coupe and convertible. The debut of the car is expected in the middle of the year. Well, we can only wait.

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