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What to feel and where to look when choosing a used car: tips from a seasoned car mechanic

The cost of new cars in our country bites more and more. Therefore, domestic motorists are increasingly looking at the market for used cars. However, the choice of cars in the secondary market is a matter that requires knowledge of a large number of nuances. About such nuances further – in the review.

1. Body
The car body is the most important and expensive part of it. It is with the body should begin to inspect the machine. And so, we need a car that has not been in an accident, and which has not broken the geometry of the body. The uneven gaps between the body panels, the difference in paint shade on different parts, too whole and polished hood and bumper can give out a battered car (during normal operation, chips and scratches must appear on them). Also pay attention to the condition of the rubber. Uneven wear may indicate a violation of the geometry of the body. It will greatly help in the inspection of the car thickness gauge. This is a device that measures the thickness of the paintwork. With it, you can learn, for example, that the thickness of the paint on the left door is different from the right – a sure sign of repair.

2. Engine and gearbox
After inspecting the body, it is time to open the hood. The engine should be covered with an even layer of dust without oil leaks. After inspecting the engine compartment, you need to check the level of technical fluids: oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid. Next, you should start the engine – it should work evenly, without unnecessary overtones. Exhaust should be almost imperceptible. Its presence indicates engine malfunction.

3. Salon
More than an odometer reading, the condition of the car can tell about the mileage of the car. In particular, the state of the steering wheel, the pedals and the seat, because it is the owner who contacts them most often. The sold seats with broken side support rollers, as well as a worn or rewired steering wheel – evidence of intensive and not very careful operation of the machine. When inspecting the cabin also need to pay attention to the performance of auxiliary equipment, such as air conditioning, radio, power windows.

4. On the go
After all the listed inspections, be sure to take a ride by car. On the go you need to pay attention to the work of the suspension, gearbox and engine. Suspension should smoothly and silently work out irregularities. In the automatic transmission should not be jerks. “Mechanics” should be switched clearly, without any extra effort and crunch.

5. At service station
If the car during the inspection did not cause suspicion and questions – this does not mean that everything is in order with him. It is possible that its shortcomings are simply carefully disguised or have not yet come out. Therefore, after inspection “by eye” it is imperative to drive the car to the service station. Moreover, it is desirable to choose the station independently, and not to go to what the seller offers, because there he may have certain agreements.

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