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6 bright new products that are presented at the current Moscow Motor Show
The Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) started 2018. It will last until September 9. The event, which takes place once every two years, this time was somewhat upset by the…


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6 bright new products that are presented at the current Moscow Motor Show

The Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) started 2018. It will last until September 9. The event, which takes place once every two years, this time was somewhat upset by the absence of a whole cohort of world-famous automakers. Nevertheless, a number of interesting novelties for the Russian market was presented at MIAS 2018. Many – domestic production. More about them – further in the review.

Lada 4×4 Vision
If some world auto giants ignored the auto show in Moscow this year, then domestic AvtoVAZ couldn’t do that, of course. Indeed, the pavilion of the auto-builder from Togliatti was literally filled with interesting cars. Perhaps the most interesting among them was the concept car, which demonstrates how vazovtsy see the new “Niva”.

The concept was designed in the corporate “X-style”. In the car there is no central rack, and the rear doors open against the motion. It is worth noting that despite the futuristic appearance, Lada Vision clearly recognizes the features of the good old Niva, such as a huge ground clearance and short overhangs. The concept was built on a joint platform with Renault Duster. Most importantly, VAZ engineers promise to launch the Lada 4×4 Vision into the series by 2021. Well, for the Legend a second life is prepared! It remains only to wait to see what it will be.

Aurus senat
That’s really who will be really interesting to see. The development of a car for higher persons under the code name “Motorcade” has been conducted by “NAMI” since 2012. And finally, the world premiere of the first Russian executive class car took place. Aurus Senat is a hybrid. The total power of 4.4 liter V8 and electric motor is 660 hp, while the torque is an impressive 1000 N • m.

Power is distributed to all 4 wheels through a 9-speed automatic. All units used in the car – domestic development. All this power supply allows you to accelerate a car weighing 2740 kg to the first hundred in 6 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. The price of the car is not announced yet, but according to unofficial information it will be at least 10 million rubles.

Renault Arkana
And yet, the main event of the MIAS 2018 was the world premiere of the new crossover from Renault. He received the sonorous name Arkana. The car, like the Lada Vision, is built on the same platform as the Renault Duster. However, unlike the latter, has a bright appearance, confessing the idea of ​​a coupe-crossover that is fashionable today. Only now cost Arkana will be much cheaper than German cars with similar form factors. It should be noted that the car will be assembled in Russia. Also, Russia will become the first market where sales of the French crossover will begin. The range of engines and other technical information is kept secret. Start of sales is scheduled for mid next year.

Lada vesta sport
Another interesting debutant from AvtoVAZ. Sports modification Lada Vesta received a bright sporty appearance, the original 17-inch wheels, new sports seats. The car has a seriously modified chassis. Under the hood, the “preheated” Vesta Sport is equipped with a 1.8-liter unit with a capacity of 145 hp and a torque of 187 N • m. Acceleration to the first “hundred” lasts 9.6 seconds, and the maximum speed was 198 km / h.

Kia ceed
Kia in Moscow held the Russian premiere of the updated Kia Ceed. The new machine has grown somewhat in size, has received a bright, interesting design and … got rid of the apostrophe in the name. The line of power units consists of: 1.0 – and 1.4-liter turbo engine capacity of 120 and 140 forces, respectively. There will also be available a 1.6-liter CRDi diesel unit, offered in two levels of boost – 115 hp. and 136 hp Each engine mates with a 7-speed automatic. The new Ceed is already available from dealers at a price of 909,000 rubles.

Lada xray cross
And one more “novelty” from AvtoVAZ. This time it is the “off-road” version of the Lada Xray hatchback. From the standard car, it is distinguished by its ground clearance increased to 215 mm, a plastic body kit around the perimeter of the body, and a reinforced suspension.

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