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Is there life without a Prius

It is hardly possible to consider the modern range of hybrids – at least in our market – an attempt to save: most of the gas-electric models are a beautiful “attachment” to the main model range. Moreover, from the current range of missing Toyota Pruis, but on the way – new “soft” hybrids with a 48-volt battery, like a fresh Mercedes-Benz GLE. So what is the choice of those who want to “join the salvation of the environment”?

Listing all available hybrids, it would be logical to have them to increase the price, because it matters to a certain point. And at the same time we will indicate the cost of the base model performance – to understand how much you need to pay for the opportunity to save gasoline or drive a dozen or so kilometers on clean electricity.

Before finding out the name of the cheapest hybrid on the market, it is worth saying a couple of words about the model with which many actually associate the word “hybrid” – the Toyota Prius. Until the end of last year, he occupied the position of the most affordable gas-electric car in Russia: its base price was 2,322,000 rubles. However, at the beginning of this year, the Prius quietly disappeared from the official site. Perhaps this is due to the temporary cessation of supply on the background of updating the model, but there is no more specific news about the return. What kind of hybrid has become the cheapest against the lack of a “classic”?

The Lexus UX, which we met in Geneva last year, actually became the heir to the CT hatchback, which, because of its low popularity, was removed from the model line, replacing it with a fashionable crossover. Considering that CT, in fact, was a “premium Prius”, the UX can be considered an “alternative” Prius: the GA-C platform of the TNGA architecture has it in common with it. However, at a higher price, it offers smaller dimensions: the wheelbase is 60 millimeters shorter (2,640 versus 2,700), and the total length is 45 (4,495 versus 4,540).

lexus_ux_250h_20Lexus UX 250h ‘2018 – n.
And the technical content here is different: for example, under the hood is not a 1.8-liter aspirated 2ZR-FXE, but two-liter engines of the new Dynamic Force series. In the hybrid version of the engine has the designation M20A-FXS and produces 178 hp, working together with an electric motor. In addition, only the hybrid version has all-wheel drive: on the rear axle there is a separate electric motor, which has no connection with the main power unit and drives the rear wheels. The declared fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 4.8 l / 100 km.

Prices for the hybrid performance of the Lexus UX start at 2,848,000 rubles: this car can drive a little on electricity, but does not have navigation and adaptive suspension. The second is available in the F Sport version for 3.1 million, but navigation along with seat ventilation and a projection display appears in the Feel package for 3,736,000 rubles.

Lexus NX, even though the older brother is somewhat similar to the UX. Even in the dimensions of the wheelbase: despite the fact that the difference in the length of the body – more than 13 centimeters, between the axles is still the most for a couple: 2 660 vs. 2 640 mm. And the all-wheel drive scheme of the hybrid version is similar to that of the UX: despite the difference in one letter, the versions 300 and 300 h for the NX differ dramatically.

Lexus NX 300h ‘2017 – present. Lexus NX 300h ‘2017 – present.
The hybrid under the hood works aspirated 2AR-FXE paired with an electric motor, and on the rear axle – its 68-horsepower electric motor 3ZR-FAE. Power to the front axle transmits CVT. Claimed consumption – 5.4 l / 100 km. In the “normal” versions everything is different: the box is a 6-speed automatic, and the four-wheel drive in the NX 200 AWD and NX 300 is implemented through the usual multi-plate clutch.

The hybrid NX costs at least 3.2 million rubles – but Executive doesn’t have, for example, an “intelligent access system” for a car without a key. And for the Exclusive package, where in addition to it there will be a 10-inch multimedia screen instead of an 8-inch screen, heated rear Sydney, electric steering wheel and an extended set of electronic assistants, you will have to pay 4 million already.

Murano, despite the “folk” label, is more expensive than the small Lexus, because it plays in another size class: with a length of 4.9 meters, it has a wheelbase of 2,825 mm. The hybrid version here also differs by engine: on “ordinary” cars, this is a 3.5-liter aspirated V6 with the VQ35DE index, while on the hybrid it is a 2.5-liter inline “four” QR25DER with an Eaton compressor.

Nissan Murano Hybrid ‘2015 –n.v. Nissan Murano Hybrid ‘2015 – n.v.
The latter fully compensates for the difference in the working volume, and the electric motor combined with the chain variator adds another 20 of its own to the 234 “petrol” forces. Four-wheel drive – quite typical, with a multi-plate clutch in the rear-wheel drive. Curiously, the fuel consumption declared for the hybrid crossover is only a couple liters less.

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